Women in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 28 2011

Sexual Harassment Falls, Retaliation Rises

Sexual harassment claims fell in the last decade across most industries while retaliation claims rose in some, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 26 2011

Lost Generation: Young Women Flee Finance

Meanwhile, the ranks of senior women on Wall Streets is swelling. They say their younger counterparts don't have as much to prove as their generation and the upstarts have the gall to want work-life balance.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 22 2011

Deloitte's Sharon Allen on Big Four Domination, Self-Promotion and the Corporate Lattice

Deloitte Chairman Sharon Allen talks to FINS about her rise to become the first female chairman of Deloitte.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 21 2011

Nice Girls Finish Last

When it comes to succeeding professionally, nice girls just don't get ahead. Lois Frankel wants women to shed their nice girl-instincts and become more demanding and authoritative -- both at work and in life.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 19 2011

Men Really Are From Mars

Sandra Witelson, a neuroscientist from the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, on how male and female brains differ.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 18 2011

AmEx's Kerrie Peraino on Gender Intelligence

With 60% women, the credit card company boasts one of the best gender ratios in finance. Now, it's focused on pushing more of those women to the top with one of the more forward-thinking programs on the Street.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 14 2011

How Ariel's Hobson Got on the Board of Starbucks

Mellody Hobson, Julie Louise Gerberding, Marissa Mayer and Debra L. Lee on how they did what they did.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 13 2011

How BofA's Krawcheck Outworked Her Peers

Many people consider Sallie Krawcheck the most powerful woman on Wall Street. She talked with The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray about the challenges of getting to the top as a working mother.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 12 2011

How to Get Women Past the Middle-Management Bottleneck

Vikram Malhotra of McKinsey on a corporate talent pipeline that is leaky -- and blocked.Read more »

Women in the Workplace: Finance Apr 12 2011

What Do Women on Wall Street Want? Men

As scores of gender equality initiatives fall short, banks and brokerages are trying to enlist senior men willing to champion more junior female coworkers. The old model of women helping women isn't enough, experts say.Read more »

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