Tax Accounting 2010

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 26 2010

Tax Accounting Careers 2010: Looking Back to Get Ahead

With tax season safely behind us, it's time for a reality check. Do you want a repeat next year? If changes are in order, here are some tips for putting them into action.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 19 2010

As Tax Season Ends, Accountants Shave off Beards

It's been a long and itchy winter for the male employees of Traphagen & Traphagen CPAs.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 16 2010

Exit Strategies: How to Transfer Your Accounting Skills to Other Professions

It's April 16 and you couldn't be more exhausted. Rounding the corner of an intense filing season can be a stark reminder that it's time to make a career move.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 15 2010

Tax Accountants Set to Hop as Economy Rebounds

Tax accountants have been staying put through the downturn, but plan to jump when the job market picks up again. Meantime, bidding wars for top talent have shown no signs of abating.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 15 2010

Second Act: From Religion Teacher to Tax Accountant

For this tax professional, it's all about service. This leader in Deloitte's tax practice in Columbus, Ohio, hears a similar calling in two seemingly disparate careers.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 14 2010

The Tax Season Work-Life Juggle

There may be no such thing as work-life balance for working parents, but for tax professionals facing an April 15 deadline, meeting personal commitments is often an even greater challenge.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 14 2010

A Day in the Life of a Tax Accountant: To-Do Lists

A meditative morning commute is the secret to an Atlanta area's tax accountant's success during busy season. This senior tax manager maps out the day's work in her head before she even reaches the office.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 14 2010

Hanging Your Own Shingle: Starting a CPA Business

Setting up shop has never been easier, thanks to low-cost, high-powered accounting software. With the increasing complexity of income taxes, the demand for services seems likely to be only growing.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 12 2010

Tax Season Is. . .

Tax professionals can get downright philosophical when reflecting on tax season. We asked a few accountants to share their thoughts about what their busiest time of year means to them.Read more »

Tax Accounting 2010 Apr 12 2010

Staying Healthy During Tax Season

In the run up to April 15, it's not uncommon for exercise and a healthy diet to become compromised amid the grueling demands and stress of tax season. But for some accounting pros, like Bruce Daigh, a tax partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, staying active and maintaining a well-balanced diet are key to powering through the difficult period.Read more »

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