Bull Bear Report Jan 22 2010

The Top Five Private-Equity Blogs

By julie steinberg

Private equity can be a lonely business. Everything can be so...private. If you're yearning for the inside scoop on deals or plain-old juicy gossip, industry blogs can go a long way toward pulling back the curtain. And, after all, staying in the know is a great way to help yourself land a job. Here are five of the top blogs from the world of private equity.

1. http://www.theprivateequiteer.com/

This blog by an anonymous writer is billed as a "working journal of theories on business and mid-market private equity," but it's also an intimate -- and very detailed -- look at the industry. Posts range from analysis to dealmaking and valuation.

2. http://www.pehub.com/

A must-read published by Thomson Reuters for anyone who wants to know the latest about the PE industry. Unlike most other industry blogs, peHUB offers an M.B.A. forum for discussion and an industry-events calendar. If you want access to peHUB's archives, you can shell out $195 annually. If not, peruse the Web site for free.

3. http://equityprivate.typepad.com/

This blog is no longer being updated, but the archives -- which leave off in February 2009 -- are a treasure trove of insights on past deals and the people who made them. The author, who remains anonymous, claims to be a vice president of a middle-market leveraged buyout firm in Manhattan. Topic categories, among others, include getting into the business and a section entitled "Trainwrecks," which tracks deals that have gone horribly awry.

4. http://blog.perecruit.com/

This blog is part of the Private Equity Recruitment Web site, which focuses on job postings in Europe and the Middle East. The blog offers a glimpse into how recruitment works on both sides of the transaction. If you want to know what companies are thinking about hiring issues, this is your blog.

5. http://blogs.wsj.com/privateequity/

The newsiest of all the above blogs and probably the most objective. This blog covers the ins-and-outs of up-to-the minute LBOs and all things PE. Staffed by a team of Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal reporters, the blog is reliable, frequently updated and informative. (Disclosure: FINS is published by Dow Jones, which also publishes this blog.)


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