Bull Bear Report Aug 19 2010

Five Popular LinkedIn Groups for Finance Pros

By julie steinberg

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Looking to bolster your professional network? It might be time to give online networking a try.

Several finance-related networking groups on the social-networking site LinkedIn.com have been steadily growing in numbers. The most active are a treasure trove for networkers. Not only can members scroll through potential contacts, they can also take part in conversations about finance, jobs, and related topics. And recruiters are sometimes among the most eager participants.

Here's a look at five active LinkedIn groups for finance professionals.

1. Finance Club

Members: 85,532

This is a kitchen-sink group, spanning accounting, banking, capital markets, insurance, investment banking, investment management, real estate, venture capital, and private equity. If the size seems overwhelming, you'll be glad to know that the group breaks down into 14 subgroups according to field. There are also subgroups based on location, so lucky New Yorkers, Londoners and Shanghai residents can opt to meet and greet in person.

2. Finance and Accounting Professionals

Members: 57,543

The subgroups of this group are divided into four categories:

-- Finance & Accounting Recruiters Only (I have a job)

-- Finance & Accounting Job Seekers Only (I need a job)

-- Finance Professionals (Jobs & Networking)

-- Accounting Professionals (Jobs & Networking)

With 632 recruiters in the first subgroup, there's a good chance you could crop up in their searches. What's more, the manager of the group, Steven Burda, is known as the "Mother Theresa" of networking. He believes in the pay-it-forward principle and enjoys helping people land finance jobs for free.

3. Financial Services Career Center

Members: 27,280

Created just days before Lehman collapsed in 2008, this group connects job seekers and hiring managers in a range of finance sectors. It includes subgroups for mortgage and real estate and tax, audit and advisory. The group's connections to recruiters means that members hear of opportunities early on and can use resources and events to propel their careers.

4. Financial Services Regulation

Members: 22,367

Any list of finance LinkedIn groups would be incomplete without one devoted to regulatory professionals. Sponsored by Treasury Strategies, a treasury-management consulting firm, the group caters to SEC and FINRA examiners and related personnel. There are 17 subgroups from "Financial Regulation: Impact on Banking" to "Financial Regulation: Financial Markets." The group's purpose is to keep regulation officials informed, so it's a good go-to service for staying up-to-date on the labyrinth of finreg.

5. Real Estate Finance & Investment Society

Members: 54,501

This group connects individuals in commercial and residential real estate, as well as those in mortgage brokerage, asset management, distressed debt and more. Of the 10 subgroups, three are location-based. New York, Southern California and Europe get priority.

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