Morning Coffee Sep 20 2010

Edward Jones Expansion

By julie steinberg

Edward Jones is planning to more than double the number of its branches in northwest Florida, from 15 offices to 35.

With more branches comes the need for more staff to man them. "We're hiring people all the time, looking for entrepreneurs who want to open their own business," a spokesman said. "And we're placing a special emphasis on recruiting females and minorities."The hiring is part of the company's growth strategy that mandates increasing the number of EJ offices from 10,000 to 17,000 over the next five years. (Pensacola Business Journal)

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Unbreakable Rules (FINS)
Citi's rules for women to advance their finance careers may seem anachronistic, but they're actually extremely useful when it comes to moving up the ladder, according to the woman who wrote them.

Hiring for All? (GoingConcern)
Deloitte's hiring announcement last week spread like a California wildfire throughout the media world, but some think it's too good to be true. Our friends at GoingConcern break down the numbers.

Police Academy (Street Sweep)
The New York attorney general race has raised all sorts of questions. For those who commute to the FiDi, it's who will be the next sheriff of Wall Street. Democratic candidate Eric Schneiderman looks like he'll be the one carrying on Spitzer's legacy (perhaps without visits to the Mayflower hotel).

TD Rising (Reuters)
TD Ameritrade is experiencing growth as more investors turn to the online service. Combine that with more brokers trying out RIA arrangements, and you've got a recipe for a company that's poised for success. Related: Which fee model is best?

Making Money (Bloomberg Businessweek)
A shaky economy has confirmed predictions of falling salaries, but a number of professions saw their wages increase from 2009 to 2010. Some finance jobs made the list of fastest-growing pay packages.

Broken Banks (Bloomberg)
Six U.S. banks failed last week, bringing the year's total to 125. Banks are failing at a pace more frenetic than last year's.

Taking Inventory (Seeking Alpha)
Two years out, finance firms are beginning to look at the pieces of their crumbled companies. Many went overboard when it came to layoffs and are trying to recoup their human investments. Translation: more hiring may be on the way.

Up Close and Personal (WSJ)
Sometimes job interviewers can ask questions that approximate what your doctor asked at your last physical. For women, they're trying to discern whether you'll be leaving to start a family sooner rather than later. You're protected by law, so don't feel compelled to answer.

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