Excel at the Job Nov 03 2010

Command a Room: Six Tips From a Wall Street Executive Coach

By kyle stock

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Go to all of the Toastmasters you want, you still won't be able to do it like the pros do.

Here's what Stanley Zareff, Credit Suisse's resident executive coach and veteran of the New York stage, tells senior executives before a big speech:

1: Body language speaks volumes: Plant your feet firmly, even when sitting, and match messages with gestures.

2: Breathe from your belly: Working your diaphragm will calm nerves and empower your voice.

3: Pause, think, speak: "These simple steps will eliminate verbal graffiti," Zareff said.

4: Speak dynamically: A droning voice is easy to tune out. "'Punch' certain words in each sentence to avoid being monotone," Stanley said.

5: Eyes level: Don't look up or down. If you must look away, look to the side.

6: Remember the takeaway: What do I want my audience to do as a result of this presentation?

7: Smile once in a while: Banking is fun right?

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Related: From Broadway to the Bulge Bracket

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