Morning Coffee Nov 18 2010

London Job Openings Increase

By julie steinberg

Good news for finance job seekers in London. Vacancies at finance firms in the City increased 5% last month, according to a new survey.

The reason behind the jump? Increased activity in M&A coupled with recovery in the British economy.

New job openings are estimated at almost 5,000 in October compared to 4,725 for September. There are also fewer people looking. The number of employees searching for new jobs decreased by 16% to 9,100 from the previous month.

The number of job openings points to "overall confidence across the sector," Bloomberg reported.

The pickup in M&A is expected to continue into Q1 2011, which should translate to more jobs. (Bloomberg)

New York Impact (FINS)
FinReg may give Wall Street quite a bruising in the short run, New York's Comptroller wrote in a new report. But don't let that discourage you: Thousands of jobs will be created by the new bill.

Texas Calling (Austin Business Journal)
Allstate is making a leap for all states (forgive us). It's hiring 155 in Texas before the end of the year, and it also has 130 new locations planned. The insurer opened 122 agency offices in 2009.

Salary Scales (AOL Jobs)
When it comes to the top five industries for salary growth, finance and insurance come in at No. 3 on the list. Wages are going up for those still employed in the industry.

Surveying the Land (WSJ)
The FDIC hasn't been shy about its growth over the past several years. Now that it's launched 50 investigations of former bank executives at failed institutions, it may need more headcount to help.

Great Expectations (NYPost)
Despite Wall Street's sliding profits this year, year-end bonuses are looking bright. That's because there are fewer workers this year, so even though the pie is smaller, each of the survivors gets a bigger slice.

Coming to Terms (Der Spiegel)
Jerome Kerviel speaks! He's mad that the bank was let off the hook and he was slapped with a €5 billion fine that will only take about 177,000 years to pay off. No, really.

CEO of the Year (MarketWatch)
MarketWatch readers are invited to vote on the CEO of the Year. Vikram Pandit, for reasons some might take issue with, is a candidate. If you forgot to vote on Nov. 2, this is your chance to make up for it.

What Happens in Vegas (WSJ)
Deutsche Bank is the proud parent of a new casino on the Las Vegas Strip: the Cosmopolitan. One of the casino's selling points? A chandelier-shaped bar called, appropriately, the Chandelier Bar. It will probably be a good place to meet bankers, if you're into that sort of thing.

Banning Goldman (NetNet)
One outspoken editor at the Cornell Daily Sun doesn't want Goldman anywhere near campus. Not only that, he thinks all of his friends who work there are a**holes. His words, not ours.

Speaking of Goldman (FINS)
The vampire squid announced its new class of partners yesterday. How many of them were women? Not many.

List of the Day: Job-Searching over the Holidays
Don't get complacent just because your digestive system is hopped up -- or down, rather -- on tryptophan. Here are some tips to make sure you stay active.

1. Be visible. Go to holiday parties. Network.

2. Send e-cards. It's a perfect excuse to get in touch and, you guessed it, network.

3. Follow up. Instead of slipping into a food-induced coma, write up some e-mails to send. Don't actually send them on Thanksgiving; wait a few days.

(Source: Forbes)

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