Get the Job Dec 21 2010

How to Write a Resume That Could Make You Millions at a Startup

By jeremy greenfield

Just because you won't be inventing the next Twitter doesn't mean that you can't make millions working in Silicon Valley. After all, in addition to gifted coders, startups need finance talent to help turn ideas and VC money into viable businesses.

Vice presidents at early stage startups can get anywhere from 1% to 3% equity in the business, depending on the number of funding rounds and how many other employees have already joined up. Based on Twitter's recent $3.7 billion valuation after a $200 million funding round, a 1% stake in the social networking startup would be worth $37 million. More good news: startup equity pay is on the rise as the talent market heats up in Silicon Valley.

If you're looking to get into the game, there are some things you should know about the kinds of resumes startup CEOs like to see. For instance, embedding keywords that show you have domain expertise in the industry the startup operates in can separate your CV from the pack, say experts. And emphasizing your soft skills may be more fruitful than emphasizing your hard skills.

Read much more on how to write the perfect startup resume over at FINS Technology.

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