Morning Coffee Jun 17 2012

Wall Street Gives Back

By Julie Steinberg

Drexel Hamilton isn't your average Wall Street firm. Founded by Lawrence Doll, a commercial real estate executive who was wounded in Vietnam, the institutional brokerage is spending 20% of its expenses on housing, educating and training disabled veterans for careers in finance, the New York Times reports.

The firm has helped 21 wounded veterans get positions at banks and brokerage firms such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. If a veteran can't find a position at another bank, Drexel Hamilton will hire them.

So far, Drexel Hamilton has prepared 30 wounded veterans for executive finance positions. With overall unemployment over 8% in the U.S., veterans' plight stands out. Nearly one-third of young male veterans were unemployed last year. (NYT)

How to Lattice (FINS)

Move over career ladder, there's a new L-word in town: lattice. Here's how to make latticing work for your career.

Stepping Down (Bloomberg)

Muneer Satter, the head of mezzanine funds at Goldman Sachs, is resigning after 24 years with the bank. Satter commuted between Chicago and New York City for the past 12 of them.

The Place to Be (FT)

You heard it here first: BlackRock is taking over the world and senior figures want to be a part of it.

Still Applying (NYT)

Despite the downturn, Wall Street looks as glittery as ever to recent graduates. Three of Dartmouth's four valedictorians from the class of 2012 are joining big banks.

No More Vacation (Globe and Mail)

Some Swiss bankers are playing it safe and sticking close to home this summer. If they venture outside the country, it's easier for them to be arrested and extradited if they're suspected of assisting with tax evasion.

Short-Term Plans (At Work)

If you've got an M.B.A., you're in a great position to help companies that are looking for temporary staff to help with projects.

Tell Me More (Business Insider)

When you're asked to talk about yourself in a job interview, hone in on what you think the person interviewing you wants to hear about.

Buzz Around the Office

(Nothing's) Above the Law (

A man calls 911 to complain about the way a deli is making his sandwich.

List of the Day: Big Corporation or Small Business?

Don't assume the work environment will be the same. Here are a few differences to consider.

1. Do you prefer structure or flexibility?

2. Do you like group work or taking ownership of a whole project?

3. Which is more appealing, knowing your path or controlling your destiny?


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