Morning Coffee Mar 20 2012

Trying for Taiwan

By julie steinberg

Everyone talks about hiring on China's mainland, but few have focused on its island neighbor, Taiwan. The Taipei Times reports that opportunities abound for jobseekers.

Cathay Financial Holdings, the nation's biggest financial firm by assets, will hire 200 employees who have masters degrees. Applicants will have the opportunity to work in China and Vietnam in addition to Taiwan.

Fubon Financial Holding Co., another financial services firm, will hire 20 to 25 employees, while Chinatrust Financial Holdings Co. will add on 50 associates for its banking and life insurance units. First Financial Holding Co. will hire 20 associates as the bank tries to capture market share in China and Southeast Asia.

Hiring in Asia has admittedly cooled off after several years of frenetic hiring activity. Certain sectors within the finance industry, however, such as wealth management and retail banking, are still seeing continued growth and are experiencing a talent war in the region, some multinational banks have said.

The Air Up There (FINS)

It literally pays to be the tall person at work, academic research finds, and when tall people unite at a social club, it can be engaging as well.

Moving On (PR Newswire via MarketWatch)

BTIG Limited, the European arm of the trading and brokerage firm BTIG LLC, is bringing on Matthew Cyzer to run equities sales and trading. Cyzer was most recently a partner at Goldman Sachs.

Whose Burden (Reuters)

One paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco suggests subsidizing hiring in order to get the unemployment rate down.

The Biggest Bank (Los Angeles Times)

Wells Fargo is expanding every which way and taking on East Coast stalwarts of banking. If you can't beat it, you can try joining this western giant.

Getting a Job in S&T (Mergers & Inquisitions)

If you're trying to break into sales and trading and you're coming from a school where firms don't recruit, you're going to have to have your networking skills down pat. Fortunately, they're easy to learn.

Best of the Best (Financial News)

Here they are: Financial News' 40 under 40 Hedge Fund Rising Stars. Only eight people on last year's list made a repeat performance this year.

The Right Mentor (Harvard Business Review)

You may think that the person who will be nice to you and always praise your accomplishments is a perfect mentor. False. You should actually choose someone you're afraid of; fear is a great motivator.

Buzz Around the Office

Subway Sleepers (YouTube)

The performance group Improv Everywhere pulls its latest prank in New York.

List of the Day: Career Preservation

Not every career has to be fragmented. Here are three ways to preserve your career over the next 40 years.

1. Play more video games. The gaming industry is now larger than Hollywood and can teach you a thing or two about technology.

2. Start and maintain an exercise routine to help manage stress and creative blocks.

3. Don't believe every story of doom and gloom about your respective industry.


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