The Weekly Minute Nov 14 2011

Moelis Hires in China, Banks Hire Veterans and Next Steps for MF Global Staff

By julie steinberg

Tip: Moelis to Hire for Office in China

Investment banks big and small are hiring talent in China. New York-based Moelis & Co. just opened a subsidiary in the country, six months after hiring a managing director in Beijing. There's currently a team of four, all of whom speak Mandarin, but the firm will expand in the coming year and add on both junior and senior bankers.

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Tip: Firms Eager to Hire Veterans

Finance firms are stepping up their efforts to attract veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to capitalize their leadership and teamwork skills as well as ability to work under pressure. Citigroup has hired nearly 450 veterans so far this year and wants to increase that number, while JPMorgan recently hosted a Veterans Day jobs fair to hire 310 mortgage professionals. Former service members should take advantage of the opportunities and slide easily into new jobs at various banks.

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Tip: The Next Steps for MF Global Employees

MF Global laid off a good chunk of its workforce last week. Now, more than 1,000 former traders, brokers and salespeople will need new jobs. Proprietary trading firms in both the U.S. and Europe are good choices for traders, as are hedge funds. Brokers may want to jump ship to competitors such as Cantor Fitzgerald, which has said it wants to snap up broker-dealers, and Interactive Brokers or CME Group. Choices will abound for top producers, recruiters say.

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