The Weekly Minute Feb 28 2012

Hiring at Hedge Funds, New Boutiques and for College Grads

By julie steinberg

Tip: Some Hope at Hedge Funds

MF Global and UBS sounded a warning call for hedge funds: Make sure your risk management people are up to speed. That call has translated into demand for operational risk management experts for buy-side institutions. Hedge funds are looking for chief risk officers as well as risk staffers with three to 10 years of experience working in financial services on the operations management or risk side. Even if you come from the sell side, hedge funds are still willing to look at your resume, recruiters say.

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Tip: Morgan's Runaway Bankers Hiring

A group of Morgan Stanley MDs have formed their own advisory boutique called DBO Partners. It says it plans to scoop up staff from Morgan Stanley and other Wall Street banks. In an era of increasing distrust for larger firms, the partners are hoping clients will be comforted by old-time relationships and operations of a slightly smaller scale.

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Tip: Job-Hunting for College Grads

The thought of graduating in May and not knowing what to do next may be completely intimidating for you. It needn't be. By tapping your networks, touching base with your career services office, creating a compelling LinkedIn profile and setting up informational interviews, you can be assured of a good shot at a position come graduation.

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The company just shut its daycare center.

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