The Weekly Minute Dec 19 2011

South Africa Hiring, CFOs See Job Openings and FAs in Demand

By julie steinberg

Tip: Banks in South Africa Need Talent

Time to get your safari on. Compared to Europe and America's situation, the South African banking industry is positively booming. The country added 53,000 jobs in finance, real estate, insurance and related businesses in the third quarter and will continue to grow. Banks big and small are hiring in the country for retail personnel as well as corporate bankers, investment bankers and currency traders.

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Tip: CFOs Project More Hiring in the U.S. and Asia Next Year

Chief financial officers are feeling a little bit more optimistic about domestic employment growth for the next year than they were last quarter. They expect employment to increase 1.5% over the next 12 months, up from the 0.9% they predicted last quarter. They're also still enthusiastic about hiring in Asia, predicting 5% employment growth for the next year. Don't even mention Europe, though; CFOs aren't expecting any employment growth whatsoever.

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Tip: Firms Recruiting Financial Advisers

Broker wars will continue in earnest in 2012 as financial advisers break their retention contracts and receive signing bonuses from new firms. Wirehouse firms like Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch and UBS have already started courting teams and will continue to do so next year. Industry experts say that more brokers now than ever are willing to leave their firms.

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