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Stark Investments LP Company Profile


Stark Investments LP, headquartered in St. Francis, Wis., is a hedge-fund manager. Brian Stark and Mike Roth founded it in 1992. The two met at Harvard Law School. The firm’s overseas offices include locations in London and Hong Kong.

Stark Investments ranked as the 46th largest hedge-fund manager in 2009 with more than $8.6 billion in assets under management, according to Alpha Magazine’s Hedge Fund 100 annual rankings. It ranked 30th in 2008.

HR Magazine ranked Stark Investments fourth in 2008 in its Best Medium and Small Companies to Work for in America rankings. During the summer Stark’s senior managers hold twice weekly informal seminars on management issues, according to the magazine.



Among Stark's workplace values: collaboration, open dialogue, humility and collegiality. The company describes itself as closely-knit and transparent, with a flat organizational structure. The firm maintains that the balanced lifestyle of its employees is responsible for low turnover.



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