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Bloomberg LP is an information-services, news and media company. The Bloomberg Professional service is its core offering with real-time and historical information on about bonds, equities, commodities, currencies and funds. The company also offers an electronic library on publicly-traded companies and biographies, business-news service Bloomberg News, and an array of television and radio programs, book publishing, a magazine and print news carried by such outlets as the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The company was started in 1981 by former Wall Street trader Michael Bloomberg, who is now mayor of New York City. The billionaire no longer runs the firm. The company has become a popular source of information about the bond markets. Its email service is widely used by traders to communicate with investors, who'll often say "Bloomberg me" when they want someone to email them information. The Bloomberg Professional was originally a data terminal that sat alongside desktop computers but now it is software that runs on a PC. The company recently acquired Business Week magazine.

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Employees:   10,000
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