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Career Advice Aug 30 2012

Sales Jobs for the Average Joe

For job seekers looking to move up in a sales career, competing with others who have specialty experience (along with stellar sales skills) can be a hurdle. Many positions call for specific science or finance expertise in sales experience. Here's some that don't.

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Career Advice Aug 29 2012

The 15-Minute Job Hunt

Looking for a job may be a full-time occupation, but actually spending 40-plus hours per week looking at job listings won't cut it. What will work is a diversified strategy.

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Career Advice Aug 27 2012

The Best Sales Jobs and How to Find Them

Every sales professional wants a job that pays top dollar. Contrary to popular belief, these great sales jobs aren't rare, even in a weak economy. Here's how to find them.

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Career Advice Aug 21 2012

Out of Work in New York? Here's How to Find a Job in Dubai

Landing a finance job in the emirate of Dubai has become tougher since the recession, but jobs have bounced back quicker than in New York or London. Those who work in the emirate, population 2 million, appreciate the luxury amenities, clean beaches, sunny skies and international feel.

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Career Advice Aug 10 2012

Ten Habits of Bad Bosses

It's one thing to have a bad boss. It's an entirely different story when your bad boss is just one of many at your firm. That could indicate a deeper cultural problem, suggesting management practices at your company could use an overhaul.

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Career Advice Jul 19 2012

You Got the Accounting Job. Now What?

Climbing the ladder in accounting, whether that means trying to make partner at the firm or aiming to become a chief financial officer at client company, requires an action plan.

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Career Advice Jul 12 2012

Leon Cooperman On How to Succeed in Business (By Really Trying)

Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman outlines what makes a perfect analyst or portfolio manager.

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Career Advice Jun 28 2012

How to Fire Your Dad

Being the boss who sends employees packing isn't ever easy, but lots of people in this economy are willing to fire folks--depending on who is on the firing line.

What Would You Do?

Answer the question and see how you match up with the rest of the FINS community.

You've just been offered your dream job, but... you have to fire your best friend on the first day.


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Career Advice Jun 26 2012

What to Tweet If You're a Morgan Stanley Financial Adviser

Morgan Stanley financial advisers will now be able to harness the power of Twitter and LinkedIn -- to an extent.

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Career Advice Jun 26 2012

The Perfect Sales and Trading Resume

With economic uncertainty not going away soon, those eager to land a sales and trading role must show that they can navigate an unpredictable market at lightning speed. No matter where you end up, a less-than-perfect resume will automatically knock you out of the running.

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