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We’re an NYC-based startup that provides an elegant and secure linux powered mobile phone charging station that we place and operate in venues of all types -- bars, movie theaters, gyms, stadiums, malls, etc. Check our website for a look at how cool the product is. We are in the business of saving peoples' days, and so far they love us for it. The Position: We’re growing fast and are in the middle of scaling our infrastructure to support a vastly larger fleet. We are hiring for a new position, whose task will be to "own" and oversee this transition. Our stack includes linux with javascript & python client, vagrant/chef infrastructure, and rails server. Rather than X years experience with specific tools, we are looking for smart, disciplined and self-motivated people who can quickly get up to speed on our stack and suggest and implement improvements as needed. Specifically: Own our vagrant / chef provisioning and management system. Make changes and provision additional EC2 resources as necessary to maintain stability and performance Evaluate, deploy and maintain new architectures, technologies, tools, and services for our next-generation DevOps system. Improve and develop disaster recovery, provider migration, and other contingency plans, and tools to execute those plans. Migrate our remaining web services off of heroku and onto AWS. Opsworks, beanstalk, or EC2? Which would you use and why? We're a hardware company working to build a global network of deployed boxes. It presents some really interesting challenges and opportunities. We are extremely focused on scalability and automation, and have already solved hairy challenges to get this far, but there's a lot more left to do. Skills & Requirements The ability to assimilate new technologies quickly, evaluate their usefulness in supporting our business objectives, and integrate the ones that fit. Experience and discipline solving open-ended problems with deadlines, and making reasonable tradeoffs without accumulating mountains of technical debt. The ability to form and defend an opinion about a specific technology through analysis of specific use cases, rather than simply cargo culting opinions. Be interesting, creative, and fun to work with. Be interested in doing cool things with our very cool product.

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